‘Cento Sonnet for a Violin Master Class’ by Philip Dacey

Even if it says pianissimo, go big.
Nail the F but not at the expense of the C.
For fireworks play all the way down to the frog.
Sometimes live a little dangerously.

Don’t sound like the Monster Who Came From the Mud.
Excite the audience but don’t give us a scare.
Accent with your bow, not with your head.
Some sounds should come as if from behind a door.

Make the listeners’ hair stand up; not your own.
You can come up on your toes for that last note.
This movement’s a killer. Don’t step on a land mine.
Can you slap? Crescendo to freedom. Count while you wait.
Think Irish washerwoman gone insane.
Give a little. Be juicy. Exaggerate.

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