‘Green Revolution’ by Ellen Wright

Regulators Reassess Safety After Lettuce Outbreak -- The New York Times, 06.27.10 So virulent was the lettuce attack it crowded the ailanthus out of backyard Brooklyn. Creepers of radicchio insinuated themselves through cracks in the sidewalk. Wormed their way up chimneys and glommed onto brick walls. Our parks once polka-dotted with blossoms suddenly choked mowers … Continue reading ‘Green Revolution’ by Ellen Wright

‘Common Ground’ by Lee Chilcote

At Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque you can order a pulled pork sandwich that spills from the soft white bun and eat it messily with your hands with a cold draft beer while glancing at the strangers in the booth beside you. East of downtown, the squat brick building sits on a fault line all the locals … Continue reading ‘Common Ground’ by Lee Chilcote