Volume 1 (1996)

Volume 1

Table of Contents

Staff Members

Ryan Finco – The Percussionist
Bebe Fehling – For My Brother
E. McGrand – The Arc
Kimberly M. Blaeser – Imprints in Blackfeet Country
Ben Miller – Punctuation in Time of Drought
Kelly Hawley – The Front Porch
Susan Taubel – Nocturnal Frenzy
Kira Corser – She Who Sees
Kelly Hawley – Untitled
Gregory Maronick – Untitled
Kelly Hawley – Something Dead
Marie Kuschel – Baking in the Sun
Jennifer Hougum – Evil Child
Dennis Saleh – Ingredients for Sleep of Six Days
Jane Bachner – Boothbay Harbor
Jenny Beyer – Steve at Little Sister
E. McGrand – Ask Me about My Children
Susannah Lloyd – Water Witch
Wendy Herbert – Los Angeles Bakery
Kathleen Iddings – Alloy
Walter McDonald – The Farm 1944
Peggy Shumaker – Owls’ Cough Balls
E. McGrand – Fairground (Munich, 1943)
Rasma Haidri – Necklaces
Carolyn Kremers – Bethel at Christmas
Kimberly M. Blaeser – Rituals, Yours – and Mine
Peggy Schumaker – Orange Peel
Gwen Goodwin – Dedicated to D.S.
Wendy Herbert – Diving
Leilani Kastantin – Blue Curacao
Anne Giles Rimbey – Scratch
Jay Mouton – Late Night in a Village
Lyn Lifshin – Mad Girl Can’t Look Too Near
Nicole Stellon – A Visual Feast
Laura Titley – Not Frozen
Deanne Bayer – Fetal Position
Forrest Musselman – Waterfall
Laura Albrecht – Amnesiac
Peggy Schumaker – Avalanche Lily
Kent McCullough – Ebb
Nicole Stellon – Leaving
James Bertolino – My Left Sock
Sandra Gillespie – End of Summer
Scott Gibson – Cannibal
Shari Berkowitz – Mercury
Kathleen Iddings – Family Reunion
Gary Blankenburg – Somewhere

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