Volume 10 (2007)

Volume 10

Table of Contents

Staff Members

Troy Bigelow – In the Snows of Conception
Tom Miller Juvik – Aiding and Abetting
Cheri Alma Ayres – In the Family Way
Camille Goodison – White Night in June
Carol Schwalberg – Uncle Louie Has No Pants
Luciana Lopez – Sarah Learns Her Smile
Joan Kip – Paris
Francine Witte – Chicken Pictures
Charles Edward Brooks – How the Cat Was Skinned
Kim Knowles – Ruth and the Window Washers
Allan Kaplan – The Dream Interpreter
Lowell Jaeger – Horse Heaven Hills
Carla Panciera – Ice Skates
J.E. Robinson – Five Verses
William Swarts – An Autumn Poem
Mark Belair – Nostalgia
Michael Walls – Rushing Down Fifty-Seventh Street
Rebecca Lilly – Haiku #5
K.S. Hardy – The Barn Saint
Wilda Morris – Baking
Maureen Tolman Flannery – Hotel Rating
J.E. Bennett – jakeleg
John Thomas – Time Capsule
Donna Pucciani – Travels
Arnie Yasinski – Villanelle For My Hips
Pamela L. Laskin – Metaphor
John Grey – The Art of Living Together
Molly Ritvo – Babysitting
Kathryn Gahl – Strawberry Fields
Ken Letko – On the Beach, Crescent City, CA
Terry Savoie – In Tompkins Square Park: June 1968
Georgia Ressmeyer – Rain’s Funeral
Lowell Jaeger – Summer Camp
Eva Miodownik Oppenheim – The Frogs of August
Margaret A. Robinson – Gimme a Bite
Marcia L. Hurlow – Tinnitus
Jeffrey Talmadge – The Man Who Remembered Everything
Michael Walls – Labor Day – 2005
Robert Haynes – After Deer Hunting Near Tahoe
Tim Kahl – Obedience to Spring
Lowell Jaeger – Picking Up the Pieces
Eva Miodownik Oppenheim – Another Spring in the City
Allan Douglass Coleman – On First Beating My Father at Chess
Mark Saba – Tree Tectonics
Patricia Kampmeier – I Never Lay in Grass
Mark A. Lee – Cedar Siding
Mark A. Lee – Rebecca
Mark A. Lee – Cracked Insulation
Michelle Lemmens – Yosemite Valley
Michelle Lemmens – Grandpa Flash
Michelle Lemmens – Hippie District
Nels Johnson – Reclamation
Nels Johnson – Artichoke
Nels Johnson – Ryan
Andrew Drazkowski – Paint on Canvas

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