Volume 11 (2008)

Volume 5

Table of Contents

Staff Members

Jean Giovanetti – Thunderball
Carol Howell – Deviance
Laura Miller – Still Creek
Paul Sohar – The Lost Subway Train
Shellie Zacharia – Nine Roses
Jane Cassady – Don’t You Have a Minute
Ann E. Damiano – The Pride of Ownership
Richard Dinges – Saving Dimes
Richard Dinges – Fireworks
Jeannine Dobbs – Cross Country Odyssey
Esta Fischer – The Zen of Closets
Mark Fowler – Gathering
Gayle Harvey – The Spaces Between
Kathleen Heideman – The Edible Marie Antoinette
Rachael Kim – Fishing
Rachael Kim – Misplaced
Sean Lause – Song of the Lost Child
Penelope Moffet – August
B.Z. Niditch – Footsteps
Nathan Northrup – The Back Roads
Scott Owens – Insomnia
Susan Palmer – The Nursing Home
Louis Phillips – Of Sex and Literacy
Karen Porter – echoes
Charles Rafferty – Saturday Morning
Oliver Rice – Story Line
Stephen Roberts – Sidewalk Scenario
S. Sajbel – Blood on the Motel Sidewalk
S. Sajbel – In April
James Scruton – Good Clean Dirt
James Scruton – Plot
Marc Sheehan – Some Notes Concerning Love and Hemming Motor News
Mike Shepley – sole sounds
Jason Tandon – Give Me a Moment
Brian Turner – Eulogy
Philip Wexler – Forecasting
Barbara Williams – Dignity
Rosemary Wyman – Trust Walk
Debra Baida – Amsterdoors
Debra Baida – Boy at Piano
Debra Baida – Catch the Bubble
Barry Ballard – Ruin With Ladder to the Sky
Thomas Clark – Nepal Border Scene
Thomas Clark – Smoke Face Man
Thomas Clark – Three Faces – Nepal
Jake Herbert – Beacon
Nels Johnson – Chemical Pollution
Nels Johnson – Overpopulation
Lindsey Martin – Untitled
Nathan Northrup – Untitled
Tim Speaker – 59 Seconds
Cole Thompson – Dahlia and Old Hands
Cole Thompson – Wiggles Roaring
Featured Interview – Brian Turner – A Poet, Camouflaged

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