Volume 12 (2009)

Volume 12

Table of Contents

Staff Members

Tristan D’Agosta – Death of a Grape
Sunshine LeMontree – Delilah
Dan DiStasio – Broken Thread
Luke Geddes – He is R.L. Stine
Naoko Awa – Moonlight
Paul Silverman – The Hula War
Wayne Lee – A Face in the Ice
Terry Savoie – Remnant
Terry Savoie – Wisconsin Tectonics: Spring 1960
Karen Benke – Mango Lesson
Marian Kaplun Shapiro – Existentialist’s Dilemma, With Stone
David Blackey – What to do When Geese Attack
Connie Colwell Miller – My Son, Waiting Room
Connie Colwell Miller – Clippings
John Oliver Hodges – Why I Find Things
John Oliver Hodges – The Cheese Party
Todd Swift – When All My Disappointments Came at Once
Kirk Hathaway – Before Things Get Messy
Kirk Hathaway – How to Make Wisconsin
Heather Bartlett – Grand Central Station
Roy Sankar – American Entrepreneurs
Roy Sankar – Midnight Botany
David Krump – Zombie Apologia
David Krump – An Ample Tree
Howie Good – A Poetry Kit for Beginners
Andrea Bates – When Bad Things Happen to Good Vodka
Andrea Bates – At the Japanese Steakhouse, I Eavesdrop on a Marine Back from Okinawa, Schooling His Buddies on the Fine Art of Sushi
Mimi Vaquer – Fourth Grade Field Trip to the Art Museum
Joanne Samraney – Yellow
Mary Ann Franta Moenck – Bare Hills in Spring
Mary Ann Franta Moenck – Battle Creek in Winter
Frederick Zydek – Listening In
Richard G. Hagen – Zinnias, in the Distance, In a Light Wind
Randy McNamara – Slack
William Hengst – Getting Down With Weeds
George Moore – Buddha
Maril Crabtree – Western Kansas Reverie
Paul-John Ramos – The New Quarters
Rachel Barger – You Don’t Have to Smile
Chad Woody – Queen of Denmark
Chad Woody – Old Devil
Heather Holm – Soon a Father
Heather Holm – Sorrow
Jonathan Miller – Untitled
Jonathan Miller – Untitled
Carly Randall – Prince to Be
Olivia M. Radke – Fly Away
Deborah Braun – Bombay in the Tide
Eric Beierwaltes – $1.25
Featured Interview – Learning Humble Lessons: A Conversation with Jesse Lee Kercheval

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