Volume 13 (2010)

Volume 13

Table of Contents

Staff Members

Aimee Loiselle – He Used to Say Te Quiero Everyday
Sara Rupnik – Fergo Monahan
Joey Pizzolato – Boop
Michael P. McManus – My Name is Marilyn Chambers
Jane Hertenstein – How Do Poor People Get Money
Scott Loring Sanders – Cold-Blooded Love
Art Zilleruelo – easter
Joe Benevento – Stay at Home Dad
Rose Postma – Reprieve
Al Svoboda – Smooth Jazz
Brad Johnson – Scattering Jay
Michael Nigl – War Game
Richard Fein – If Reincarnation is Real
Art Zilleruelo – doggie heaven
Joe Benevento – Who Names their kid Brandi?
Richard Luftig – Locals
Kirsten Lasinski – Dandelions
Dan Kelty – Lebanese Childhood
Richard Dinges Jr. – Sewing a Night Gown
Carly Gates – Swallowing Nightmares
Lisa Alexander Baron – Nocturne
Ayn Frances dela Cruz – Kaleidoscope
Brad Johnson – Homophobe
Philip A. Waterhouse – le Connoisseur
George Longenecker – Save the Bold-Faced Hyphen
Evelyn McCarthy – Seven
Richard Fein – Charon’s Tip
Maureen Sherbondy – Rosie
Cliff Henderson – How High
Yvonne Osborne – A Place Erased
J.J. Steinfeld – Foretelling
Rose Postma – On Becoming My Mother
Richard Dinges Jr. – Cold
Bradley R. Strahan – Rattlebone’s Dilemma
Ken Pobo – Had I Followed the Test Results
Bradley R. Strahan – Déjà Vu
Edward Schultz – The City Park
Featured Interview:
A Conversation with John McNally
Allison Bayer – The Conductor
Lisa Kronwall – Untitled
Matthew Duckett – Krump
Tina Howard – Smoke
Justyna Badach – Seascape
Benjamin Crutchfield – Lighthouse Fortress
Don LaCoss – Endless Vacation
Tray Drumhann – Cells
Brittany Vogt – Automysophobia
Don LaCoss – American Idol
Debbie Braun – Carousel
Lisa Kronwall – Untitled
Brittany Vogt – Baldcypress Swamp
Cover Art:
Katelyn Hoffman – Lamp Store – Front Cover
Tina Howard – Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe – Back Cover

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