Volume 14 (2011)

Volume 14

Table of Contents

Staff Members

Nick Ripatrazone – Itch
James Valvis – Big Alabama and the Big Baby
Chuck Augello – Rasing the Dead
Ralph Tyler – The King Who Believed
Ralph Tyler – He Was King
John Rogers – Before the Rain
Francine Witte – Suspect
Dixon Hearne – Best Man I Can
Elayne Clift – A Night on the Town
Trisha Nelson – Crow
James Scruton – Cork-Burning
Daniel Boster – Humiliation
Richard Lybeck – On the Eve of a Killing Frost
John McKernan – The Verbal Surface
John Dabrowski – los angeles
Valentina Cano – Grocery List
John Davis – Italian in the Rain
Richard Hartwell – The Days of the Ant
Donnarkevic – First Girl Tied to the Railroad Tracks
Edward Beatty – Covenant
Kanev Peycho – A Moment
Barbara Fryrear – Like a fountain
Dianna Silvestri – Sounds of Milk
Joseph Farely – House
Jared Pearce – Nailing Jell-O to a Tree
Richard Hedderman – The Great Horned Owl’s Monologue
Rae Spencer – The Bowerbird’s Courtship
Donnarkevic – Bad Whiskey
Jonathon Scott – Easter
Derrick Smith – I Can’t Sleep
Stephen Roberts – Prescription Poem with Warnings and Precautions
Rae Spencer – Bound
Artist Portfolio:
Brittany Vogt – Skeptical Self Portrait
Brittany Vogt – Cloudbreak over Cinque Teree
Brittany Vogt – Barga from the Clouds
Brittany Vogt – Cat Nap
Other Artwork:
Stephanie Sharpe – Still
Gerald Wheeler – Corralled
Jason Crider – Rooftop
Ali Wesner – Danse Macabre
Ali Wesner – Not Quite Cuckoo at 9:55pm
Teri Talpe – Self Portrait
Cover Art:
Teri Talpe – Checkmate
Brittany Vogt – Behind Door Number 1

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