Volume 15 (2012)

Volume 15

Table of Contents

Staff Members

Addy Evenson – Correspondence
Robert Pope – This Year Halloween Falls On a Thursday
Brian Daldorph – Spellunking
Jason Crider – Keys, Clocks, Cinderblocks
Rajia Hassib – American Falafel
Carly Gove – Drowning
William Wright Harris – Poem from an Ant
Janet Butler – Street of Dreams
Danelle Augustin – Baton Rouge Blackbird 4000
Rachel Marsom-Richmond – The Nightgown
Margaret Robinson – Katastrophe
Bill Edmondson – Christmas Liquor Ad in the New Yorker
Bruce Lader – Essay on Fences
Allen Knappenberger – The Space Below Heaven
Deborah Chava Singer – “under”
Marcus Pisica – My Days in Church
Sarah Brown Weitzman – Vacant House
Sarah Brown Weitzman – Aquarium
Jacqueline Jones – Adult Air Travel
Tim Suermondt – Ocean Street in Blue
Carol Carpenter – Rose Garden
Paul Sohar – Imagine Revolution
Doug Holder – My God – Another Tattoo
R.T. Castleberry – One Theory of Ambivalence
Dylan Bassett – On Anatomy
Charlene Langfur- On the Land Under my Feet
Charles Harper Webb – The Naked Guy
Mark Taksa – Success is a Polishing
Jerry Durick – The Edge
Max West – Half Mast
Max West – Half Refuse
Len Krisak – After Leaf-Raking
Gerardo Mena – Ode to a Pineapple Grenade
Trina Gaynon – Low Tide, Stinson Beach
William Greenway – Final Jeopardy
James Piatt – The World Slowly Dies
Jeanette Clough – Salt
Janelle Rainer – Skin Deep
Jennifer Lagier – Tulum
David Starkey – 1975
John Nieves – Framework
Signe Jorgenson – ¿Cómo se Dice?
Richard Luftig – Have I Ever Told You about Indiana?
Kacey Harasimowicz – Hostile Take-Over
Jason Crider – Ghost
Ivan de Monbrisen – Untitled (2)
Talia Docquisto – Untitled
Gerald R. Wheeler – Last Birds
Gerald R. Wheeler – Woman and Men in River Boat
Gerald R. Wheeler – Thumbs Up
Gerald R. Wheeler – Last Tree
Kacey Harasimowicz – Skeleton
Kacey Harasimowicz – Linear Movement
Gerald R. Wheeler – Deathmask
Kathleen Gunton – A Loud Silence
Jason Crider – Grid
Teri Talpe – Embracing Inclusion
Gerald R. Wheeler – Wooden Horse in Park
Kacey Harasimowicz – Storm Rolling
Talia Docquisto – Untitled
Cover Art:
Kathleen Gunton – What’s Your Sign (front)
Kacey Harasimowicz – Destruction in the Middle of the City (back)

2 thoughts on “Volume 15 (2012)

  1. Would like to read an issue – subscribe only? Can’t seem to find my way into the journal. Don’t see a subscription offer.

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