Volume 16 (2013)

Volume 15

Table of Contents

Staff Members

so i’m at this party – Natalie Goodman
Winter Artist – Mary Lu Perham
A Culinary Preoccupation – Mary Coan
Self Proclaimed – Jimm Dunn
154 Madison Avenue – Paul Lamar
In Clyde, Where the Wheat Was – Jimmy J. Pack Jr
The New Girl – Patti See
We Met This Loner in the Redwoods – Kevin Sommerfeld
Seventeen Iguanas – Robert Grunst
in the market for a new soul – Mary Buchinger
Lessons on Ice: I – Terry Savoie
Smithson’s Madsong – Les Kay
The Cautionary Tales of Divorced Aunts – Emily Banks
Four Realms – James B. Nicola
Evin Prison, Tehran – W. Luther Jett
Mudra – David Stallings
LIKE A MAN! – Tom Boswell
Revenant on Skillman Lane – Rodney Nelson
Little Lakes – John Abbott
Pasta Du Jour – Kevin Brown
My Neighbor Says – Daniel Lassell
In the Brezhnev Blocks – Laurence Snydal
We Sleep with Dead People, or, Judgement Day (XX) – Joanna C. Valente
The Spanish Poet Tries to Explain – Sean Thomas Dougherty
Nova – Candace Black
Misanthropic – G.A. Scheinoha
Once All the Games Are Played – Jonathan Greenhause
Why I Want My License, Mom, God – Scott Hutchison
Hide and Seek – Marc Harshman
Drunk Lovers – Kevin Sommerfeld
Searching for His Hidden Grave – Sean Prentiss
then – Elena Botts
Slow Business – Rick Christman
The Wafflehouse – Natalie Goodman
Burning Hand, Take Me Back – Jeremy Windham
Beehive – Ashley Blair
Lost Archive #1 – Fabio Sassi
Search for Self – Kevin Sommerfeld
Outgoing Message – Kevin Sommerfeld
Lost Archive #2 – Fabio Sassi
Bouquet – Ashley Blair
Dark Fissures – Liz Bowman
Lost Archive #3 – Fabio Sassi
Lost Archive #4 – Fabio Sassi

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