Volume 17 (2014)

Steam Ticket Volume 17 cover

Featured Selections

‘Cross Dresser’ by Cindy Zelman

‘Common Ground’ by Lee Chilcote

‘Green Revolution’ by Ellen Wright

Table of Contents

Staff Members

The Cross Dresser – Cindy Zelman
Notes on the Disappearance of Amanda Price – Molly Carpenter
Contraption – Jonathan Gotsick
Fajr – Heather Rick
Tadpoles – Joshua Britton
Clones – Brian DiNuzzo
Literature Lovers – D. Michael Warren
The Basement – Sheila Burson
Common Ground – Lee Chilcote
Green Revolution – Ellen Wright
It’s a Parade – Gary Lark
Buddha Breath – Kelly Talbot
Cocktail – Connections
Late Night Burritos – Joe Gianotti
Nonet (yes, yes) – Kevin Patrick McCarthy
The Whistle and the Scream – Brad Johnson
On Her Knees – Charlotte Walsh
Things the River Can Never Heal – Sean Prentiss
Domestic Disturbance – Judith Roney
Coal to Stone – Mark Katrinak
Cybermom – Laura Glenn
I Call my Dad on Mother’s Day – Barrett Warner
Lettered in Poetry – Bruce McCandless
Considerations of the Discarded – Stephen R. Roberts
Good Penny – Karen Robiscoe
Out of Stock – John Grey
The “Just Because” Road Trip – J.C. Elkin
To Feed a Bird – Sue Samson
A Cardboard Box Full of Things – Holly Day
Perspective – Pamela Rothbard (Cover)
Reason Becomes Nightmares, Parody of Goya’s “Sleep of Reason” – Alan Voy
Pop – Aspyn Breuer

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