Volume 18 (2015)


Featured Selections

‘How to End a Life’ by Alisha Casey

‘Your Hands are an Indigo City’ by Sean Thomas Dougherty

‘Happy Childhood’ by Wade Bentley

‘Cento Sonnet for a Violin Master Class’ by Philip Dacey

‘An Auden Lecture in the Age of Situation Ethics’ by Terry Savoie

Table of Contents

Staff Members

The Ferris-Wheel Sonata – Samuel Simas
Spare Change – Jeff Fleischer
Too Nice to Drop – John Gifford
Letting Loose the Reins – Marlene Olin
Reindeer Games at the Coffee Bar – JC Reilly
How to End a Life – Alisha Casey
Break – Andrea Marcusa
Connection – Shannon Cothran
Where Waters Entwine – Orman Day
Your Hands Are an Indigo City – Sean Thomas Dougherty
Stolen Clothes – Mark Taksa
Turner’s Snowstorm – Charles L. Calia
College Roommates, 1978 – Julia Meylor Simpson
The decorators have left for good – Fiona Sinclair
Rite of Passage – Kelly Talbot
Chalok Ban Kao – Jota Boombaba
Long Hair Blown – Diane Webster
Incomplete Footprint – Sally Houtman
Kooser Groupies – Ed Werstein
cigarette liar cigarette lie – Michael Casey
Happy Childhood – Wade Bentley
Cento Sonnet for a Violin Master Class – Philip Dacey
Mirage – Carl Palmer
Trial Separation – Adrian Potter
Candy Crush on Election Day in Arkansas – Cassi Lapp
As Her Children Debate Godzilla’s Gender – Glen Armstrong
On Comfort and Cowardice – Elton Glaser
An Auden Lecture in the Age of Situation Ethics – Terry Savoie
Poem Mixed in the Key of B Flat – Sean Thomas Dougherty
Jenny Window – Carl Scharwath (front cover)
Open House – Kathleen Gunton (back cover)
Mississippi Migration – Brittany Vogt
Steps & Stones – Kathleen Gunton
Untitled – Emily Ziegler
Old Blue – Brittany Vogt
Please & Thank You – Kathleen Gunton
Canton’s Edge – Chris Ammon
Printopus – Brittany Vogt
Flying Blind – Brittany Vogt
Squidy 1 – Alyssa Hensen

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