Volume 19 (2016)

Table of Contents

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 Featured Selections

‘Red Emma’ by Linda Scheller

‘Fairy Tale’ by Katharyn Howd Machan

‘How the Shyness Unfolds’ by Cathryn Cofell-Mutschler

‘Carnivore’ by Gary Hanna

  ‘Funeral’ by Trent Busch

‘Sonnet XII’ by Chris Bullard

‘Bubbles’ by Mark Defoe

‘Classics by Request’ by Bruce Taylor

‘The Blackboard’ by Susan Richardson

‘Noir’ by Katharyn Howd Machan

‘Kitchen’ by Greg Moglia

 ‘Madonna on a Country Road’ by Joe Taylor



Inside Tricia’s Room – Roberta Hartling Gates
And Another Flew Over the Sea – Corran Harrington
The Blackboard – Susan Richardson
Madonna on a Country Road – Joe Taylor
It – Len Kuntz
Hush – John Duncan Talbird

Creative Nonfiction:

The Trouble with Wet Pavement – Alena Dillon
Snowball Effect – Jim Landwehr


Famished – Greg Moglia
Between – James Scruton
Relocation – Richard Dinges
A Wardrobe of Stolen Dreams – Beth Konkoski
Our Own Time – Thomas Sabel
Red Emma – Linda Scheller
Northern Reproaches – Elton Glaser
The Afterlife of Rain – Cameron Morse
When She Told Me – Mary Goehring
Unusual Shiver in Winter Days – Sonnet Mondal
Kitchen – Greg Moglia
How The Shyness Unfolds – Cathryn Cofell-Mutschler
Prospective Titles, possible first (or last) lines. – D.G. Geis
Scottish Summer – Katherine Gordon
Sonnet XII – Chris Bullard
Spellcast – Jennifer Neely
Bubbles – Mark DeFoe
Hard Landing on a Far Moon – Tim Martin
Classics By Request – Bruce Taylor
Stone Carved – Diane Webster
What Wood Says – Barbara Daniels
Funeral – Trent Busch
A Butcher in any Town – John Stephens
Totem – Jennifer Neely
Fairy Tale – Katharyn Howd Machan
Noir – Katharyn Howd Machan
Biology of Opinion – Rich Kenney


Joan’s Hands – James Sedwick
Living Again – Fabrice Poussin
The Weight of a Man – Holly Day
Hair Today – Allen Forrest
Bird – Steven J Hughes
Michelangelo Captive – Allen Forrest
Untitled – Andrew Helman
Their Place in the Sun – Fabrice Poussin
The Big One – Fabrice Poussin
Man on the Street – Allen Forrest
Paul’s Hands with Boot from Vietnam War – James Sedwick