Volume 2 (1996)

Volume 2

Table of Contents

Staff Members

Elaine Ford – Entropy in Apalachicola, Florida
R. L. Horton – Apaches at 3 O’clock
Brian Steen – Rows
Alex Lewin – The Drive
Mark Anderson – Untitled
Artist Unknown, submitted by Wilbur Parks – Back Home
Christine B. Schultz – Boyd
Marie Kuschel – Barn Door
Christian Silk – Untitled
Mark Anderson – Untitled
David Moen – Triune
David Marcou – Woman at an Auction
David Marcou – Augie, A Flower Salesman
Lynn Wagner – Why
Steven Kapica – Untitled
Todd Davis – And What Was Ever Lost
Hillary Chapman – Prostitute Under El
Dream Gunther – Ugly Girls Eat Gold
Alex Long – On the Porch, I Smell Autumn’s First Winds
Gary Wiener – For Mollie Jane at Fourteen Months
Fred Jandt – Creativity
Judi A. Rypma – Bales of Hay
David Zeiger – On My Knees at Your Grave
Susanna Lang – The First Time
Joanne Hayhurst – Inca Girl
Susanna Lang – Kitchen Window
Nelson Gibson – You Never Told Me
R. Chrastil – Death Comes Running
Ron Mohring – The Napper
Kristal Jonasen – Paulina . . .
Shirley Vogler Meister – Falling Apart
Leslie C. Tompkins – Universal Concerns
Anselm Brocki – Props
Denise Duhamel – Two Kinds of Silences
Megan Craig – Jazz
Nicole Brudos – To My Mother
Linda Malnack – Going Home
Maureen A. Sherbondy – The Ritual of Shaving
Alex Long – Elegy in the Fall
Maxwell Wheat – Aunt Hattie
Frank Johnson – Comrades in Arms
Matthew Thorburn – At the Cloud Factory
Lois BeeBe Hayna – A Billow of Bats
Charles Webb – Losing My Hair
Toni Jensen – Winter Inheritance
Laura Rotunno – Words From the Corpse

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