Volume 20 (2017)

Table of Contents

Steam Ticket 2017 cover

Featured Selections

‘With Coyotes Watching’ by Nick Alti

Three Poems by Karla Huston

Craft Talk: Robert Lopez and Sam Ligon



Robert Lopez – Bleeders
Sam Ligon – Professor Astor’s Unsolicited Blurb
C.C. Russell – April 1935
Nathan Leslie – Silent Treatment
J. T. Townley – Liana of the Soul
Jordan Gosselin – The Outlier
Kathryn Piper – August
Jenae Winter – Daughter of the Earth
Dylan James Harper – Not All Kids
Nick Alti – With Coyotes Watching

Craft Talk:

Robert Lopez and Sam Ligon Talk Flash-Fiction


Denise Schiller – Family Secrets


Carol Barrett – Vashti Reviews Linda Lovelace
Jesse Millner – After Reading Phil Levine
Rachel Squires – Bloom The Franklin
William C. Blome – Sweet St. Jude
Karla Huston – Mannequins in Storage
Karla Huston – Resurrections
Karla Huston – Window Dressing
Ken Craft – Trip, Memory
Sara Dailey – To Anger
Eleanor Swanson – Awakening Captive
Francine Witte – When He Leaves Her
Milton P. Ehrlich – Why Won’t You Marry Me?
Ingrid Keriotis – Somewhere I Have Never Travelled
Spencer Smith – After Words
B. R. Strahan – Susquehanna Country
Diane Webster – Old Man Walks
Terry Savoie – The Shoeblack’s
Elizabeth Brule’ Farrell – When Night Comes
Alex Feldman – Longanimity
Michael Estabrook – Good Being Older Now Because I Know
Kayla Cash – Hubris
Ronald J. Pelias – Taking Measure
Jacqueline Jules – Squatter
Gaylord Brewer – My Birthday
Paul Hostovsky – Only Child
Frank Stehno – Relief Column
Maureen Tolman Flannery – Path to the School Bus
Richard Levine – Brother Fat
Gary Metras – A Rainbow Trout in Rain
Lindsey Weishar – To Ask a Little Bolder
Terry Savoie – A One-Way Ticket, 1969
David Starkey – “Recuerdo” Remembered
Ronald J. Pelias – Appearances
Terry Persun – It’s Personal
Sara Dailey – Self Portrait with One Half Missing
James Croal Jackson – After the Stroke
R.T. Castleberry – Cloudburst
David Starkey – Sonnet: “A Choking Gall, and a Preserving Sweet”
Lindsey Weishar – Rose Window
Radford Skudrna – Deep Down
Michael Skau – Closing Time
Dina Friedman – The Neighbors
Ken Craft – In the Dentist’s Killing Fields
Tom Myers – Wolf House
Milton P. Ehrlich – How I Feel about My Life Coming to an End When It’s Coming to an End

Special Selection: Hear, Here Prize-Winners

David Krump – Ophelia Soft
Kyle Constalie – Into Collision
Tegan M. Daly – Trauma Center
Susan Houlihan – River Walk


Amlan Sanyal – Hope (front cover)
Hayley Pauli – Ruins (back cover)
Mark Wyatt – Calcutta, India, 1980
Szymon Barylski – I Refugee
Mark Wyatt – Brindisi, Italy, 1980
Rona Neri-Bergmann – Dawn Birder, Adrift
James Proffitt – Bobbers
Grant Broeckel – Transience
Rebekah Kienzle – Desert Flower
Ella Luepke – Hands at Play
Amlan Sanyal – Play Time
Veronica Scharf Garcia – Atalanta