Volume 21 (2018)


Table of Contents


Charles Laird Calia – Disguises
Keith Buie – Go Anywhere
Marlene S. Molinoff – Drowning Renata
Annie Warner – Pineapples for Breakfast
Zia Saylor – A Girl in the Clouds


Camille Goodison – Yugen
Kate McCorkle – The Lexus and the Scarlet Austen
Gladys Haunton – Eternal Guardian of the Tax Collector’s Spirit Life

Craft Talk

The Spirit of Words: Max Garland Talks Craft


Gregg Dotoli – Come on Dream
Mike Shepley – Oct. Night
Kathy Rundle – The Soul That I Call Home
Susan T. Moss – Redwoods
Donna Pucciani – Standing Rock
Devon Miller-Duggan – Reading the Instructions: How to Salute a Fallen Soldier
Alex Andrew Hughes – Translucent
Matthew J. Spireng – Self-portrait of a Man without a Name
John Thomas Wetmore – Static
John Urban – Harbingers
Alaina Steffes – Porcelain Peach
Heather Sager – A Tramp’s Song
Katharyn Howd Machan – Wales
Betsy Fogelman Tighe – Cartoon Grief , The Worst to Bear
Betsy Martin – Trying to Place It
Megan Newcomer – Market Value $9,014 (There Is No Safe Word For Oncoming Traffic)
Michael Estabrook – Lowry
Suzanne O’Connell – Conversation at Musso and Frank’s
Marne Wilson – A Good Match
Susana H. Case – The Man from Haiti
Jill Hawkins – The Solution
David M. Briggs – I Heard a Saxophonist Play
Christa Forster – Two Poems
Deborah H. Doolittle – Standing on the Waterfront at Cobh, 2012
James B. Nicola – Daisies and Phlox
Robert Tremmel – Rearview
Mike Zimmerman – Thoughts without words
Gulchin Ergun – Waiting Lot
Geo. Staley – A 1952 B&W Photo
Susanna Lang – Patience
Savannah Cooper – Gray Dog
Yvonne Higgins Leach – After Snowmelt
Nan Lundeen – The Dogwood’s New Day
Allison Whittenberg – The Circumstances


Frank Hamrick – Standing Broom (Front Cover)
Diane G. Martin – Cologne Cathedral
Denis Buchel – Emerged
Fernando Villela – Vienna, 2017
Sara Munari – be the bee body be boom
Lloyd Wolf – Deer Head Portrait, US Senate, 2018, Polaroid Journal 5/3/92 (Back Cover)



Alainna Hanson

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Greta Durst                                                                                                               Jonathan Knecht

Matthew Fischer                                                                                                            Carly Rundle-Borchert

Lucas Johnson                                                                                                        Morgan Terbilcox

Gretchen Kent                                                                                                           Jingzhong Wang

Kyle Larson                                                                                                          Marissa Widdifield

Zoey Millership                                                                                                               Yiming Xu

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