Volume 22 (2019)

Table of Contents


The Call of the Loon – Paul Wicinski
Gone Fishin’ – Orit Yeret
Persistence of Memory – D. A. Hosek
Senescence – Kylie Mullen
Clawless – James P. Hanley
A Bike of My Own – Charles Grosel


Screen Kiss – John Michael Flynn
The Last Christmas on Breconshire Drive – B.J. Hollars
How to Make Sure He Really Loves You – Ariella Neulander


Autism’s ABC’S – Shawna Ervin
Patience – Dana Robbins
Etoposide – Cameron Morse
I’m burning my daughter’s dollhouse – Joe Cottonwood
Smolder – Charlotte Covey
They Put Up A Fence In Cass St Park – Jordan Makant
Dead Fish – Laura Bonazzoli
Heeding A Warning – William Rudolph
Last Project – Julia Hatch
Crow on a Fence – David Blackey
The State of the Union – Laurinda Lind
Mucophagy – Timothy Dodd
Hurrican Katrina – Susan Tollefson
Herds – Susana H. Case
Ants in the Pantry – Irena Praitis
4th of July – paul Bluestein
Soothing – Shawna Ervin
“I Feel Like I Sprained My Damn Heart” – Diane DeCillis
Fallen Angel – Krikor N. Der Hohannesian
That Night, W – Luther Jett
Ranger Cookies, aka Making Friends for Introverts – Beth Bayley
Affright – Scott T. Hutchison
Unobjectified at 38,000 Ft. – Sarah Morgan
Still Not Quite There – David Hart
On The Jetty – Valerie Griggs
Once More – Claire Scott
Tete de Femme – Karen Depew
Checkout Line – Shawna Ervin
Rehab – Brian Daldorph
Tara – Liza Wolff-Francis
Aged Hippie in Suspension – Bob Schildgen
Better Than Sex – Gaylord Brewer
How to Tell a Crow It’s Not a Raven – Deborah H. Doolittle
Self-Portrait as a Young Jewish Girl – Nancy Smiler Levinson
The archaeologist. – DS Maolalai
Witness – Yvette A. Schnoeker-Shorb
Isadora – Terry J. Allen
love song – john sweet
The Brown Tree Snake – Helen Tzagoloff
Behold – Rochelle Jewel Shapiro
This Tiny Group of Humans – Katherine Davis
Herd – Lucas Shepherd
Careening Towards Parkinson’s Disease – Barbara Tramonte
The Dunes at Pamet Beach – Krikor N. Der Hohannesian
Little Toad – Gaylord Brewer
Regurgitated Lies – Shawna Ervin


Tubbs Fire – Tali Aiona
Eagle Statue at Riverside Park, La Crosse, WI – David Schmitt
Calla – Carolyn Adams
sale – Eoin Vincent
Sky Lace – Carolyn Adams
atmospheric river – Tali Aiona
traffic – Eoin Vincent
paperhouses – Eoin Vincent
Hand, Cemetery, Sopron, Hungary, 2017 – Harry Wilson
Shadow 2 – Ann Hubard



Kayleigh Marshall

Fiction Editor

Luis Acosta

Poetry Editor

Abigail Duncan

Fiction Readers

Jahni Brandt
Bethany Dempze
Haley Gagliano
Nicole Nettell
William Stolski
Melissa Vander Sluis
Ashly Weis

Poetry Readers

Maggie Dahl
Tess Douty
Olivia Hackbarth
Nick Janke
Dylan Klein
Sarah Schimpf
Chen Yang

Art Editor

Rachel Bernard

Submissions Manager

Mclaine Isabella Schwertfeger

Public Relations Specialist

Maddie Makinster

Faculty Advisor

Matt Cashion