Volume 3 (1997)

Volume 3

Table of Contents

Staff Members

Poetry and Prose:
Jess Mills – Too Hot to Move
Walt McDonald – For Starky, When the Rivets Failed
C. Mikal Oness – Proposition behind Frost’s Cabin
E. Douglas Banks – E=MC²
Gus Pelletier – Failing Geometry, Finding Faulkner
Mary Yarber – I Can’t Get that Monster Out of My Mind
John Gribble – Report
Darrel Fike – Family Plot
Aaron M. Udelhoven – Soup Spoons
Laura Titley – In Her Solitude
Steven Barza – Love Over, Never Over
Nathan Jones – From My Ego to My Dream Girl
Vivian C. Shipley – You Deserve a Break Today
Nicole L. Reid – Blue Nola
Allan Douglass Coleman – Concerning Ice Cream on Mom’s Side of the Family
Hugh Steinburg – Curse #2
J. McConoughey – Umbrella Nose
Kendra Dable – Marked
Mary Winters – Instantly
Barbara Daniels – On Not Going Blind
Jamie Parsley – Jesús’ Ashes
Philip Dacey – Diamonds
Robert Cooperman – The Break In
Scott Kern – Foundry
Todd Wohlert – The Moon is Smiling Down on me with a Porcelain Face
Karen Wallander – Cemetery at Sunset
Suzanne Hunt – Untitled
George Barth – Untitled
Laura Bennet – Untitled
Ted Stanke – Untitled
Elizabeth Woodward – Untitled
Jenny Doyle – Untitled
Chris Emerson – Untitled
Eve Moen – Untitled

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