Volume 4 (2001)

Volume 4

Table of Contents

David Cho –Learning to Read
Philip Dacey – Sonic Nude
Zach Schomburg – Somewere, a Missing Torso
Zach Schomburg – Somewhere, a Train Depot
Casey VanderVeen – Walking at Night
Edward M. Belfar – Goldie
Gus Fesenfeld – Cemetery Photo
Dan Sklar – Robert Frost’s Bones
William Doreski – Blueberry Soft-Serve
E. Michael Desilets – Growing Radishes
Lori Kean – Pulled by the Same Moon
Whitney Strub – All the Stars Drip Down like Butter
Mark Johnson – Replacing the Gods
Gus Fesenfeld – Cat Photo
John R. Thelin – Let’s Stay Together
Duane Locke – The Pear, Moss
Judith L. Wyatt – The Bath
Matthew Flynn Caya – Inside These White Picket Fences
Gerald Wheeler – Cabin Photo
Ace Boggess – Fishing the Poca River
Helen Lawson – While Pondering the Possibility of Reincarnation
Suzanne Burns – Caramel
Stephanie Dickinson – Ambulance
Stephanie Dickinson – Half Girl
John Sweet – A Line I’ve Written
Richard Fein – Book Signing Party
Eric R. Olson – Waking God
Mary Winters – Prayer to the Snake Goddess
Jack Anderson – The Arthritis Cantata
Gus Fesenfeld – Eagle
Augusta Easa – Butterfly Prophets
Suzanne Burns – Jo-Jo the Dog-Faced Boy Bids You Good Night

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