Volume 5 (2002)

Volume 5

Table of Contents

Staff Members

Poetry and Prose:
Michael L. Johnson – To Write a Poem
Mike Kane – Singing Corn Syrup in the Post-Industrial Age
Michelle Valois – The Letters We Do Not Keep
Christin M. Rigsby – Dance 105: Ballroom Dancing
Anna Smith – How You Look
Dean Gorman – Time
Dow Ville – Marathon
Virgil Suárez – Whenever I Hear Barbarito Diez’s Song “Angelitos Negros”
Virgil Suárez – A Serpent Halved World, Train Ride from El Paso to Los Angeles
Virgil Suárez – Work Poem
Leni Zumas – Red Brides
Helen Tzagoloff – The Woman at the Door
Sandra Olson – Once on a Devon Cliff
Philip Dacey – Apart
Devorah Namm – Two Endings, One Goodbye
Mi Ae Lipe-Butterbrodt – September Morning
Gary J. Maggio – The Nude Beach Photographer
Anthony Verre – The Eden of our Past
Shoshauna Shy – Insurance Policy
Ryan Miller – In Vino Veritas
Pearl Karrer – Prelude 15
Jan Shoemaker – Interiors
Karla Huston – Nightmare
Ryan Stello – Public Art
Michael L. Johnson – A Warning
Heidi Ihrke – The Balloon Man
Karen Landmann –Untitled
Ione Citrin – Iona Lisa
Adam J. Mueller – Red Oak Books

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