Volume 6 (2003)

Volume 6

Table of Contents

Staff Members

Charles Grosel – The Snowstorm
Bayard – Closets
J. Michael Rutledge – My Father and Albert Belle
Eva Marie Ginsburg – Village Vampire
Cathy Warner – The Road to Jesus
Jill Divan – Rain
Amy Day Wilkinson – A Professor’s Wife
William Barillas – Pájaro Blanco, White Bird
Rachelle Street – brown
Jacqueline Newman-Speiser – Urban Self Portrait
Susan Richardson – How to Find a Pin
Laura Long – The River Alone
Shanti Weiland – On Finding Her Father Out
Seamus P. O’Cuinn – Days
Seamus P. O’Cuinn – Light
Joan McNerney – Blue Your Eyes
Reginald S. Lewis – Snapshots
Reginald S. Lewis – A Girl Named Reverie
Philip Dacey – Codes
Philip Dacey – Not Dying
Octavio Quintanilla – If I Were a Woman
Louis McKee – What He Said
Ace Boggess – Remains thought to be Female Gladiator’s
Louis McKee – Cliché
Louis McKee – Nightmare
Neil Carpathios – The Body of Christ
Patricia J. Kinney – Amen
Neil Carpathios – Pretending to be God
Melanie Vanderkolk – Love
Melanie Vanderkolk – Drama
Amorak Huey – Too Much Girl
Amy Schmitt – Drowning
Amy Schmitt – Hopeless
Jef Leisgang – Heat Lightning
Anthony Verre – Fishing in Manitoba’s Rain
Jodi Frederickson – Summer of the Lemon Sun
TJ Belle – A Face Only a Mother Could Love
Ione Citrin – Ramses
Bonnie Schetski – Drawing
Elizabeth Pitzner – Object
Matthew Schwenke – Shadowtree
Benjamin Stern – Ring of Kerry
Ione Citrin – Bracelets

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