Volume 7 (2004)

Volume 7

Table of Contents

Staff Members

Ronna Wineberg – Simultaneous Submissions: From Manuscript to Print
J.T. Ledbetter – Buddy’s Mules
Janice J. Heiss – Family of Champions
Stephanie Dickinson – Lung Woman
Mike Lipstock – Nightfall
E. Sanderson – Something
Seamus P. O’Cuinn – Advice to a Young Poet
Philip Dacey – Objet d’Art
Jonathan Blake – What Makes Us Human
Sandy McCord – Mortality
Lynne Burgess – Memorial
Gwen Morgan – Roaring Silence
Anne C. Bromley – Threading the Universe
Lynne Burgess – Lilacs
Stephen Kessler – New York Minute
Larry Crist – In My Car
Philip Dacey – Whiz
William Woolfitt – Puzzle
John Grey – Going Back Home, a Drinking Game
Stephen Kessler – Dr. Daniela’s Authentic Transylvanian Psychic Boutique
Barry Ballard – Truth
David Krump – You
Larry Crist – My Old Man’s Old Man
David Krump – Dog Lady Branches and Birds
Belinda Subraman – Book Passion
Allison Whittenberg – Black, the old blue
William Doreski – Violette is Gone
Matthew Robinson – So Bun La’or
Carla Conley – Trembling Delirium
Karen R. Porter – commute
c.D. Sharbrough – Banding..
David Thornbrugh – Little Latin Loopy Lou
John McKernan – Nine Roads Diverged in a Blackened Forest
Robert Tinajero – soft poems
Katrina Majkut – Untitled
Anna Torborg – Windermere, Cumbria
Nate Hoffman – Untitled
Gerald R. Wheeler – Untitled
Robert Jackson – Sandshadow

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