Volume 8 (2005)

Volume 8

Table of Contents

Staff Members

Ed Miller – First and Last
Jill Divan – A Logical Thing
Carol Bergman – Le Petit Trianon
J.T. Ledbetter – Zoo Story
Gayla Chaney – Chunky’s Revenge
Jennifer Everson – What We Tell the Children
Janie Breggin Braverman – Bone Woman
John McKernan – It Took a Week to Recite Hamlet’s Five Acts
Robert Pringle – Head Cases
Jesse Littlejohn – The Glass Eye
Barry Ballard – The Re-Invited
David Starkey – The Day Before She Left
Peggy Garrison – Wallflower
Rowan Johnston – Oxygen
John McKernan – After
C.C. Russell – Larae/Afterdeath
C.C. Russell – As the Left Hand of Your Shadow Flicks a Cigarette
Mario Susko – The Violin Case
Donna Pucciani – St. Blaise
Kyle David Torke – Raining in the Mountains
Philip Dacey – Notes of a Juror
Jennifer Rudsit – On the Way Down
Terri Dennehy – Dream Pulp
Michael Salcman – Modern Architects
Brandi Homan – Origins
John McKernan – Sex How Beautiful You Were
Matt Dennison – Enjoyment
George Seli – Caruthers Park
Yvonne Sapia – The Land of Great Loss
Wendy Allen – The Unknown
Barry Ballard – Nature Gives a Retirement Speech
Anne C. Fowler – At Various Beachside Bars
Walter Bargen – Missed Fortunes
Askold Skalsky – Preludes, OP. 28
Seth Klekamp – Both Belong to Me
Nels Johnson – Ponte Del Diablo
Seth Klekamp – Seed of Reason
Nels Johnson – Roofs of Dubrovnik
Lucas Heineman – Tree of Fate

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