Volume 9 (2006)

Volume 9

Table of Contents

Staff Members

Philip Kobylarz – Open 24 Hours
Bill Church – His Abortion
Christopher Feliciano Arnold – Primary Next of Kin
Ryan Skog – Color in the Darkness
Zan Bockes – Behind the Glass
Janie Breggin Braverman – Stone Heart
Michael Shannon – In The Middle of it All
Philip Dacey – Author’s Prayer
Steven Beauchamp – Memo From the Directors
Paul Hostovsky – Best Asleep
Greg Moglia – Mozart the Lover
Michael D. Riley – Hello
David James – I’ll Take Your Face
Lana Hechtman Ayers – Photo
Mary Carroll-Hackett – Don’t Call Me
Mary Carroll-Hackett – Catfish
Mary Carroll-Hackett – Marooned
Eli Langer – Shoo, Dog!
Michelle Brooks – Hello, My Name Is
Charles Harper Webb – Disgust Makes Evolutionary Sense
Diane Glancy – The Capitalistic NoteBooks
Daniel Hunter – Poem for Elmer Zarney
Paul Kaufman – 35 Possible Explanations for The Way Things Are
Michael Casey – dog breeder
Linda S. Swanberg – Ali Ismail Abbas
David James – Snow White and Her Charges
Maureen A. Sherbondy – The Prince’s Fetish
James Doyle – Tenterhooks, Montana
Joanne Lowery – Gargoyle
Daniel Williams – Pluto to Persephone
William Swarts – Chinese Restaurant Blues
Joe Engel – Since I’ve Never Known You
K.A. McGowan – The Wind Can Give You a Push to go but it’s Hard to Get Back
Doug Crowell – Revolution
Howard Winn – The Great American Novel
Greg Thomas – Someplace Warm
Don LaCoss – Premonition of a Drowned City
S.K. Bone – Bound By
Joan E. Cashin – Part of Pillar, Midwest
Annie Dawid – Stratus and Sangres
Jeff Foster – Faith and Fear
Allison Bell – Untitled
Jing Zhou – Front and Back Cover

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